Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Will work for Biltong - The Sequel

Well hallo there. Fancy seeing you here. Come here often?

People, I can't begin to explain how much I've missed this little blog of mine. It was more than a year ago that I told everybody I'll be gone for a few weeks, and be back when I'm not as tired. In the meantime I've come to the realisation that I'll probably be tired for at least the next few years, what with a super busy 3 year old and another Little One on the way (yes!). But I've decided that if I'm going to be tired, I might as well be happy too. And this blog is one of the things that make me very happy.

I've managed to keep up with a few lovely people through Facebook and Pinterest, but unfortunately not everybody. My apologies. I'm looking forward to making up for it.

I was on the verge of coming back several times, and now that it's almost Christmas, I can't help myself. Christmas brings out the worst in me. I'm not having Christmas lunch at my house this year, but I'll probably try and make a dessert or two. And, of course, the cookies. Can't help it. Whenever I hear Jingle Bells on repeat in every shop I go into, it's like a switch is turned on in my brain, and I start researching cookie recipes. Maybe also a Christmas cake this year? Mince pies? Oooh, the possibilities.

Thank you to everybody who enquired about when I'm coming back to blogging. The friends I've made here are among my favourites. It's good to be back.


  1. Welcome back to blogland! And congratulations on your next little one on the way!

  2. Welcome back, Adele!

    I've been meaning to ask you on fb when we can expect a comeback...AND HERE YOU ARE!

    Congrats with the news about the little one on the way. :)

    I've also not blogged for 3 months now (been SO incredibly busy at school) and I really, really miss it, so I can just imagine how you must feel.
    Good luck and welcome back!