Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bye for now

I remember when I was still in primary school, I used to watch a television show each afternoon with my grandmother called "Agter elke man" (Behind every man). It was called a drama, but looking back, it was really nothing more than a soap opera. There was backstabbing, saucy affairs, murder, and a lovely old lady called aunty Stienie.

Aunty Stienie was the mother of the bad boy Bruce Beyers (played by Steve Hofmeyer, who now appears not to have done much acting in this role). She walked around in slippers, wore a house coat everywhere and had her hair in curlers most of the day. She also had an array of catch phrases she shouted at her neighbours, and her usual goodbye was a cheery "Bye for now!"

Which is what this post is all about. For the last few weeks I have really struggled getting around to writing, as you might have noticed. My days seem to be consumed with my lovely Little Girl, who doesn't believe in doing anything in half measures, trying to keep up with clearing up the shambles around us, and giving my husband something remotely edible for dinner at night. After bathtime and bedtime, I have no energy left. I am exhausted. The only free time I have left is at night, if I don't collapse into bed at nine, and the occasional Saturday when the Little Girl is visiting her aussie grandmother.

I have tried to do some cooking and writing at night, but not only am I really to tired to do something worthwhile, my husband gets that abandoned look on his face whenever I open my laptop. Add to this the exam I have to do to be able to go back to a job I don't particularly want to, and all the study for that I still have to fit in somehow.

So I have made the very difficult decision of taking a break from blogging for now. It breaks my heart, honestly. I have made more friends through my computer than I have the last 3 years in person in my new country. I promise I will keep on following all of you, and read your posts, try your recipes when I can, and leave comments often. I am going to miss this very, very much.

Hopefully it won't be for long. I will count the days until I'm back.

Bye for now.


  1. Oh Adele! I'm going to miss your posts SO much!! I know how it goes, though. It's hard to juggle everything at the same time and sometimes one feels just too tired to be inspired (OMG, I swear that little rhyme was unintentional!).

    You were the 1st food blogger to comment when I started mine and I will keep an eye out for your comments. Best of luck with the studies.

    Wynand (Kitchenboy in Taiwan)

  2. Aggenee!! Dit is baie hartseer. Sug. xxx

  3. Oh no! Sorry to see you go Adele, I know a lot of us have the same feeling, I have things I want to write, but the photos and the posting and the writing time...yet i travel across all these lovely blogs and take a peek at your kicthens. Good luck with your studies and job hunt....
    P.S. I don't know If I remember that Soap Opera, I could barely understand Afrikaans , but because of SABC's moronic half-english, half-afrikaans programming, there were times I sat and watched Afrikaans shows out of sheer boredom. I do remember Wielie Walie :-)

  4. Take a break and come back when you have more time. There's no point to blogging under pressure when it's no fun at all. We'll keep you on our Readers and will come back when you post again!

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  6. I've been struggling with this same question myself. I have other priorities right now, but I do love blogging so much. In any case, look forward to hearing from you again when you have time and can enjoy it! We'll miss you!

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