Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guess where I am

Dear readers. The reason I've been quiet over the weekend is because we are all suffering a bit from jet-lag. I'll give you a hint: I'm eating biltong as we speak. Good biltong. Outside there's a braai (barbeque) going. Made with wood fire, not gas. Earlier I had a cup of tea with my mum. Not Rooibos, because I don't like it, but it could've been.

 Little South African soccer chicken

Yes, you're right. I'm visiting South Africa, my home country, and my family. What a great time we're having. In between afternoon sleeps to try and adjust to the time zone, we're spending time catching up. It's the first time the Little Girl sees her mother country, and she's having a great time impressing all these new people. Of course it helps that everybody thinks she's gorgeous.

 Press me on my back

As soon as we arrived at mum's house, I started browsing through the recipe books and magazines lying around. I tell you, there are so many recipes I want to try, if I start cooking right now I won't be done when we leave again in 2 weeks. I'm very excited.

 Easter egg!

So, no recipes tonight, but lots of fabulous food coming up. I promise.


  1. Can't wait to read all about your South African adventures! :D

  2. Welcome Home!! I was in SA about 10 years ago and loved it immensely! Enjoyed the billtong as well as all the other stuff like Potje and Boerwurst!!

  3. Thanks everybody, I'm having a great time.

    Dharm, it looks as if you've had all the important dishes. Glad you like it!